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Last updated on October 24, 2012.

George, from the Ancient Greek γεωργός “farmer” or “earth-worker,” which became a name in Greek: Γεώργιος. The word Γεωργος is a compound word, formed by the words Ge (earth, soil) and ergon (worker).


I am an independent media strategist in Springfield, VA. I specialize in political, policy, and business analysis, and communications strategy.

Since moving to the Washington area in 2009, I have worked for a global trade association of IT companies, TechAmerica, conducting analysis of government markets for homeland security, defense, and federal civilian procurement and acquisition, supply chain, sourcing, and contracting policies. I have also worked on transparency and open government issues and, on the commercial side, electronic privacy and smart electric grid adoption.

I later worked for the Cato Institute, an internationally-renowned public policy research organization, where I was responsible for integrating strategic communications, marketing, and development using new media tactics.

I most recently served as Senior Campaign Manager, then Director of Intel/PR, at CRAFT | Media/Digital, a cutting-edge political consulting firm, the first in Washington to marry traditional and new media. I managed CRAFT’s digital war room, designing and executing media campaigns for incumbent and challenger candidates, nonprofit and advocacy organizations, and Fortune 100 companies.

I am also on the faculty of the Leadership Institute in Arlington, Virginia, where I teach online activism and strategy.

You can read more about my professional life — including lots of nice things people have said about me that I probably don’t deserve — at my LinkedIn profile.

In addition to tumbling here and blogging at The Dangerous Servant, I contribute to United Liberty and On the Forecheck (and formerly to The Hockey Writers), the latter of which is a platform for commentary on my beloved Nashville Predators and other hockey-related topics. My political and policy observations have been cited and/or featured in The Atlantic, POLITICO, The Daily Caller, Instapundit, Hot Air, Think Progress, Crooks and Liars, and techPresident, among other places, and my hockey musings have been cited on Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog.

Personal Notes

I grew up watching CNN's Crossfire and debating politics with my family at the dinner table. I served as programming director, station manager, and DJ for my high school's radio station, WBSL 91.7 FM (Sheffield, MA). I co-founded my undergraduate alma mater’s first-ever political newspaper. I have been blogging about politics in various forums on and off since 2005. In short, I have spent a lifetime at the intersection of politics and media. I thrive on research and story-telling, particularly when it means airing controversial facts and/or opinions.

My other intellectual passions include voter psychology, labor and welfare economics, constitutional law, regulatory and legal policy, project management and organizational analysis, institutional design, public choice and game theories, political philosophy, metaphysics, ethics, and the effects of new media on American politics and policy making.

I am a libertarian. I vote regularly in municipal, state, and federal elections, and I encourage other people to do the same. I have many ideas about the proper role of government in the lives of individuals, and I voraciously consume lots of literature about public policy and political economy. I do not agree with everything I read. I am always learning and reflecting upon and examining my predispositions.

If you asked my best friends if I could be devoted to anything more than politics and public policy, they would no doubt fall into two descriptive camps — those who speak of my undying devotion to Star Wars, and those who have borne witness to my borderline obsessive and obnoxious passion for the Nashville Predators. My favorite genres of music are blues and classic rock, and I have been a Phish-head since the early 1990s.

I received bachelors’ degrees in philosophy and political science from Belmont University in my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee in 2009, and a master of public policy in advanced policy analysis from American University in Washington, DC in 2011.